Healthy Recipes

Carob Brownies
provided by Sheri Noble
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2 eggs
1tsp vanilla
½ cup applesauce (true recipe calls for oil)
1 cup brown sugar (I use ¾ brown sugar or brown rice syrup)
6 Tablespoons Carob Powder
1 cup flour
½ cup walnuts or any other type of nuts
Mix first 5 ingredients, then fold in flour and nuts
Bake in 8X8:” pan for approximately 20 minutes
Note: Add an additional egg to make more cake like

"Ice Cream"
provided by Sheri Noble
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When bananas become too ripe, cut them in small chunks and freeze.  Whenever you want “ice cream,” place frozen banana chunks into a blender with a small amount of cow, almond, oat, hazelnut or hemp milk.  Our favorite is vanilla hemp milk.  Blend well (usually about 2-3 minutes), scrapping the sides of the blender.  Blend until the consistency resembles ice cream.  Sometimes, I add a little vanilla, chocolate raspberry, or lemon stevia to change the flavor.

Rice/Quinoa Patties
provided by Autumn Andahl
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2 cups cooked rice or quinoa
1 cup grated cheese
2 eggs
1-2 cups chopped or grated vegetable (Carrot, zucchini, chard, spinach broccoli, beets, etc…) Pretty much whatever veggie you have works, fresh or left over in fridge.
½ cup nuts or seeds
2 Tbsp. flour
2 tsp. falafel powder (available in bulk bin at Raleys)  or 1 tsp. curry powder
(This is just for flavor- can omit or try seasoning of your choice-try ranch mix.)

Mix all ingredients

Form into patty and lightly fry in olive oil- can cook fully in pan on low until firm and browned – or fry just until they are firm and finish in oven.

My kids love these as a meal or snack. Get creative- I have added bacon and diced chicken, or left over mashed potatoes in place of some of the rice. This is a good way to combine leftovers into a fresh meal, and a good way to get kids to eat veggies and eggs.

Our favorite combination is zucchini (when in season) with quinoa and jack cheese.

Remember to use certified GMO free and organic ingredients whenever possible.