Community Support
The Friends of Rail Road Flat School appreciate all the help received by the community and want to express our special thanks for the following:

The Lowes Tool Box for Education Grant

In June 2012 we were awarded The Lowes Tool Box for Education Grant in the amount of $5,000.00 This grant was awarded to the school garden to table project. We have used the money to expand the garden area, adequately fence it in, irrigate with timers, purchase supplies, tools,a composter, and mulch. This grant has turned the garden from a small outdated garden to a fully functioning seasonal garden. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning about gardening, planting, harvesting, composting, and enjoying the fresh veggies. we have students tell us they never eat veggies at home, though because they grew these they are eating and loving them!

The Sierra Health

In January 2013 we are beginning our community meal garden outreach program made possible by a Sierra Health Foundation Responsive Grant. The first part of this program is building a greenhoue to expand our garden growing season. Then our enrichment program cooking team will prepare free community meals with garden produce available to the community. These community meal nights will ferature various community outreach sources including nutritional and family information. 

Calaveras Community Foundation Grant 

In September 2012 we were awarded a Grant from the Calaveras Community Foundation to purchase mush needed supplies and equipment for various segments of our Enrichment Program. Upon return from Fall Break thanks to The Calaveras Community Foundation we will be able to supply the sports program with new balls and equipment. the cooking program will now have the tools, equipment, and food staples needed to teach children the basics and fundamental skills of preparing food. The Sewing program will be able to purchase materials, patterns, and sewing supplies- taking the class to the next level now able to offer multiple begining, intermediate, and advanced classes. The photography class will be able to purchase additional equipment including a photo printer, computer graphics program, photo paper, and additional equipment. The Enrichment program operates primarily on fundraising and donations, often with not much budget left for new supplies. This grant is helping each listed program purchase much needed supplies.  

The Calaveras Unified
School District
Education Foundation 


In October 2012 The CUSD Education Foundation awarded us a grant to purchase four new classical guitars for our enrichment program guitar class. Music has been a missing link in our enrichment program, and the studetns are thrilled to learn the guitar. 

Black Oak Casino

The Friends of Rail Road Flat School are interested in pursuing other grant and funding sources. If you have any ideas that may be a match for our program, please contact us.